ZTE Open FirefoxOS Phone – Overview

After waiting for almost two weeks , I finally got the ZTE Open phone and thought to write a brief overview .

I bought this phone mainly to play a little with FirefoxOS and experience developing apps for this platform. So this review is going to focus primarily on the development of this phone especially in terms of its openness (since I haven’t had the time to actually develop for it just yet) .

If your thinking of buying this phone for daily use my recommendation is don’t!.
Mozilla claims that it directs its phones for “emerging markets” which is a nice way to say  poor people . From my short time handling the ZTE its slow, the touch is not very accurate, the 2 mp camera has such a low quality that I doubt its even 2 mp, and I’m sure you can get a cheaper android phone that will be way better.

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Naomi85 Strong Password Generator

So after the legendary Meni Rosenfeld Created his own password  generator

I decided its time to create my long delayed XKCD based generator with hebrew words.
This Generator is using about 4,500 giving a little bit more than 12 bits of entropy per word, so with only 6 words you can have a pretty strong password

Please move Your mouse or swipe the screen continuously to generate random Data

(Done: )


You can also check the offline version which also support Mobile browser

I guess this won’t have a lot of importance for non hebrew speakers but if you know a bit of coding its easy to add or change the wordlist to any other language so check the git hub repo – https://github.com/yonjah/Naomi-85-SPG

If you are wondering about the name it is because my girlfriend is insisting of  using a really weak  passwords like here name and birth year. this small peace of software is dedicated to her so she will never use this password again.

bitBuntu – bitcoin liveCD

13/04/13 – Released new version
I created a custom bitocin liveCD based on ubuntu.
it has  all your bitcoin needs, and specifically targeted for creating a secure paper wallet.
It comes preinstalled with –

  • Bitcoin-qt
  • Offline of bitaddress.org
  • Vanitygen – a tool to create custome Bitcoin
  • Keepass2 – to manage all your passwords
  • Truecrypt – to encrypt whatever you want
  • Bitcoin related bookmarks
  • Electrum bitcoin client
  • Cpuminer (for bitcoin and litecoin)

You can download it here from google drive – bitbuntu-r2.iso
you can also download it form my server but I think it will be much more slower (link)

Please note that since I don’t have an ssl account yet. you should validate your signatures to be sure none tempered with your download-
I added ssl to my server so just check you are using https (you should redirect automatically)

If you have any comments or suggestions related to this post you can write them at –

Creating and maintaining this LiveCD requires a lot of time and investment.
If you find it useful and want to see it improved support it by donating dome coins to:

If you have an OTC account you can also help by rating my user (yoniJah).

GPG signature file (Registered on bitcoin-otc for the user yoniJah)

SHA256 SUM –

971113e75842ea97b6f1f00918688b6ce1d4d6538afeba1a4efcde223113885e  ./bitbuntu-r2.iso

SHA512 SUM –

d0240759b4551e8a70b9f2a68f23eb210c9e192c0a95b08a206f116674f4254f44da58781a699acef416e13bb99f939da0b6da6a3cbe734bf646dc344b10f61c  ./bitbuntu-r2.iso

This software will help you use Bitcoin more securely but it comes with no warranty what so ever.

Changed blog theme

As you can probably see I’m still in the phase of building this blog.

Found a nice responsive theme at –


And made a few small changes to it.

You can get my changes at –


Bitcoin Live – Chrome extension

I created a small Bitcoin extension for chrome

This extension will fetch Bitcoin price from mtgox api.The extension icon will show you the current value.
The extension will also notify you about drastic value changes.
clicking the extension Icon will open your favorite online chart site.

check the extension options to configure it the way you like.

Download extension

Source code

To support this extension:


Version 0.2.1 Changes –

  • Added support for Bitcoin units mBTC, μBTC and the Bitcoin Cents Matoshi


Version 0.2.0 Changes –

  • Switched to Chrome Rich notifications API (old API didn’t work anymore)
  • Added support for fetching data from Bitcoinaverage to end MT.Gox monopoly 🙂


Version 0.1.5 Changes –

The extension is now available as part of bitBuntu liveCD

  • More notification types (Max/Min and by Percent change)
  • Nicer options UI


Version 0.1.4 Changes –

  • Added an Option to change currency, Please note that it seems like only USD and EURO are working properly as with mtgox Websockets, other currencies will probably use the http fallback
  • Added an option to change the monitored value (default was ‘last all’)
  • Added notification on extension update