Naomi85 Strong Password Generator

So after the legendary Meni Rosenfeld Created his own password  generator

I decided its time to create my long delayed XKCD based generator with hebrew words.
This Generator is using about 4,500 giving a little bit more than 12 bits of entropy per word, so with only 6 words you can have a pretty strong password

Please move Your mouse or swipe the screen continuously to generate random Data

(Done: )


You can also check the offline version which also support Mobile browser

I guess this won’t have a lot of importance for non hebrew speakers but if you know a bit of coding its easy to add or change the wordlist to any other language so check the git hub repo –

If you are wondering about the name it is because my girlfriend is insisting of  using a really weak  passwords like here name and birth year. this small peace of software is dedicated to her so she will never use this password again.