bitBuntu – bitcoin liveCD

13/04/13 – Released new version
I created a custom bitocin liveCD based on ubuntu.
it has  all your bitcoin needs, and specifically targeted for creating a secure paper wallet.
It comes preinstalled with –

  • Bitcoin-qt
  • Offline of
  • Vanitygen – a tool to create custome Bitcoin
  • Keepass2 – to manage all your passwords
  • Truecrypt – to encrypt whatever you want
  • Bitcoin related bookmarks
  • Electrum bitcoin client
  • Cpuminer (for bitcoin and litecoin)

You can download it here from google drive – bitbuntu-r2.iso
you can also download it form my server but I think it will be much more slower (link)

Please note that since I don’t have an ssl account yet. you should validate your signatures to be sure none tempered with your download-
I added ssl to my server so just check you are using https (you should redirect automatically)

If you have any comments or suggestions related to this post you can write them at –

Creating and maintaining this LiveCD requires a lot of time and investment.
If you find it useful and want to see it improved support it by donating dome coins to:

If you have an OTC account you can also help by rating my user (yoniJah).

GPG signature file (Registered on bitcoin-otc for the user yoniJah)

SHA256 SUM –

971113e75842ea97b6f1f00918688b6ce1d4d6538afeba1a4efcde223113885e  ./bitbuntu-r2.iso

SHA512 SUM –

d0240759b4551e8a70b9f2a68f23eb210c9e192c0a95b08a206f116674f4254f44da58781a699acef416e13bb99f939da0b6da6a3cbe734bf646dc344b10f61c  ./bitbuntu-r2.iso

This software will help you use Bitcoin more securely but it comes with no warranty what so ever.

7 thoughts on “bitBuntu – bitcoin liveCD

  1. Tuxavant says:

    You should provide a detatched GPG signature of the ISO in addition to the hashes. This is a much safer method of testing integrity. Also consider getting some ratings for the pgp key on OTC for additional trust.

    Additional tools you should consider is (split secrets) and Electrum client.

  2. bikoos says:

    Warning! It’s extremely easy to plant malicious software to steal your coins in a custom live CD.

  3. Rajoy says:

    Please add Armory. Also electrum and multibit, so everyone can choose

  4. n0 says:

    Hi Bikoos.
    You are absolutely right people should be highly careful of what they download and from where.
    Especially if they have large amounts of money invested.
    And if it wasn’t me created it I’d probably wouldn’t trust it either.
    I definitely wouldn’t trust any one I doesn’t know and who doesn’t identify him self.
    and for that I’m sorry that I haven’t had much time to get to this parts on my blog yet (like a proper about page
    and maybe even making my own profile page separate from this blog).
    so for now I hope this link for my linkedin page would be enough –

    Any way this ISO image was made in the mind of helping clueless people to use Bitcoin securely and easily.
    but it has two disadvantages.
    the first is that you have to trust me.
    the second is that you have to be sure your actually getting the file I created and not something different.

    I’ll try to make the Verification of the file as easy as possible (I’ll probably even buy an ssl certificate if I’ll see its catching on)
    But I cannot make people trust me, unless they’ll use the cd and see that its legit.
    so if you know more then the average user. download this image run it on a virtual machine.
    Once you’ll see that its legit and didn’t try to steel any data from your computer.
    after that write a comment or anything else so people know it.


  5. n0 says:

    Hi Rajoy
    I’d be happy to get more ideas about required software you think should come preinstalled
    but keep in mind I’m trying to make this ISO as slim as possible so it will fit a CD.

    Any way I’d appreciate if you could give some more info about this softwares since I haven’t used any of theme

  6. n0 says:

    Added a GPG sginature file and registered with OTC as yoniJah

  7. n0 says:

    I disabled comments for this post since wordpress is not that good for discussion
    (I hope I’ll be able to find a better plugin for that in the future)

    Discussion about this bitBuntu can be done here –

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