Naomi85 Strong Password Generator

So after the legendary Meni Rosenfeld Created his own password  generator I decided its time to create my long delayed XKCD based generator with hebrew words. This Generator is using about 4,500 giving a little bit more than 12 bits of entropy per word, so with only 6 words you can have a pretty strong password […]

bitBuntu – bitcoin liveCD

13/04/13 – Released new version I created a custom bitocin liveCD based on ubuntu. it has  all your bitcoin needs, and specifically targeted for creating a secure paper wallet. It comes preinstalled with – Bitcoin-qt Offline of Vanitygen – a tool to create custome Bitcoin Keepass2 – to manage all your passwords Truecrypt – […]

Bitcoin Live – Chrome extension

I created a small Bitcoin extension for chrome This extension will fetch Bitcoin price from mtgox api.The extension icon will show you the current value. The extension will also notify you about drastic value changes. clicking the extension Icon will open your favorite online chart site. check the extension options to configure it the way […]