Bitcoin Live – Chrome extension

I created a small Bitcoin extension for chrome

This extension will fetch Bitcoin price from mtgox api.The extension icon will show you the current value.
The extension will also notify you about drastic value changes.
clicking the extension Icon will open your favorite online chart site.

check the extension options to configure it the way you like.

Download extension

Source code

To support this extension:


Version 0.2.1 Changes –

  • Added support for Bitcoin units mBTC, μBTC and the Bitcoin Cents Matoshi


Version 0.2.0 Changes –

  • Switched to Chrome Rich notifications API (old API didn’t work anymore)
  • Added support for fetching data from Bitcoinaverage to end MT.Gox monopoly 🙂


Version 0.1.5 Changes –

The extension is now available as part of bitBuntu liveCD

  • More notification types (Max/Min and by Percent change)
  • Nicer options UI


Version 0.1.4 Changes –

  • Added an Option to change currency, Please note that it seems like only USD and EURO are working properly as with mtgox Websockets, other currencies will probably use the http fallback
  • Added an option to change the monitored value (default was ‘last all’)
  • Added notification on extension update

16 thoughts on “Bitcoin Live – Chrome extension

  1. Srđan says:

    No currency change in options? I would really want to se euros, not $.

  2. n0 says:

    I plan to add an option to select currency maybe in a few days
    This options are now available in the new version

  3. Srđan says:

    You are so fast 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Evyatar says:

    Well done, Yoni. Works nice. Thanks.

    Any plans to place it in the cloud and offer alerts by email?

    Anyhow, thanks again.

  5. J says:

    Nice update! Cheers, very useful extension.

  6. Chris says:

    Couple of questions:

    0) Is there a better place to discuss your extension? Like a forum thread or something?

    1) Did you push your updates to your git repository? I don’t see them there

    2) What’s going on here?
    bitcoinity shows that the price hasn’t been above $80 for a while, and even the hover-text of your extension shows the same price, around $78.50. but the label in the badge shows $80.41. Where did that come from? I see it occasionally, that the badge label is higher than the price has been recently.

  7. Chris says:

    Oh, I see what’s happening. You’re using the ‘last_all’ price from MtGox which includes trades in all currencies, converts to my local currency, whereas bitcoinity uses only trades in my local currency.

    If I replace ‘last_all’ with ‘last’ in the source then I get the behaviour I want – less alerts about the price moving, because all moves are real moves, not the result of currency conversions. tells me that “last is always the same as last_all” but that’s untrue. It looks to me like last is always the same as last_local.

  8. n0 says:

    Hi Chris.
    0 ) I’m trying to follow the commnets here so I think its one of the best places ( for some reason tho wordprees did not e-mail me about your comments and I need to check why).
    i f you want you can also follow the post I wrote on bitcoin talk
    which I also try to follow.

    1) I think I uploaded all the changes to my repository.
    You can check the version in the manifest file.
    If I forgatten some update please let me know.

    2) I see you already figuerd it out in, in the new version btw you can change the monitor option to set which value type you wont to follow so you don’t need to hack the code

  9. n0 says:

    Hi Evyatar thanks for your reply
    I’m no sure about what you mean by placing it in the cloud
    but I don’t think I have any plans of doing so ( I don’t really see what advantage it would have).

    I’m thinking of improving the alerts but I’m not sure if mail alerts will be available any time soon. I need to check this option but I think it will probably be too complicated to implement as an extension.
    I’m thinking of adding an option to get sms alerts but this probably will also take some time to implement.

  10. Spawn says:

    Hi, I really liked old version of this extension, because graph was so much simpler and easier to understand. Can you give me Pop app chart address of old one, or can I somehow downgrade it to 1.4? Thanks!
    Great app anyways!

  11. n0 says:

    Which chart was it ?
    you can use which ever charting option you want (just right click the app icon and go to options)
    I think my first chart was from
    bitcoincharts –
    then I switched to clarkmoody widget
    and now the default should go to bitcoinity

    so check which one you want and just copy past its link to your extension options

  12. Clark Moody says:

    You could tip the creators of the live charts that you’re embedding 🙂

  13. n0 says:

    I guess it’s time to break the paper address
    (which was probably useless to generate for one that probably will never have more then 0.5 a coin in it)

    But I’m not giving this coins cause I use your chart in the extension.
    I think the people who will use this extension with your charts or any other chart they will choose since its part of the extension options
    are the ones who need to tip the service they are using.
    I’ll give you the coins cause your charting was the only one who didn’t crash yesterday when Mt.Gox went haywire.

  14. this is an awesome extension, thanks for making it <3

  15. andre says:

    Can you add [link-reducted] to your extension?

  16. n0 says:

    Are you using the extension ?

    I don’t think I use any icons in it and I haven’t used or updated it since 2014

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