Accessible password input

If you read a few of my other blog posts like Naomi85 – password generator, it might surprise you to know I don’t like passwords, And that I find passwords to be horrible both from a usability and security point of view.Managing passwords is hard.  If you try to do it right, you must keep […]

Common Encryption Pitfalls

When Using AES256 Is Not Enough - Part 1

I recently came across AcessURL. AccessURL is an online service which offers an easy way to allow access to online accounts without sharing the account password. Unfortunately, their initial implementation had some security issues. In this post, I will describe and suggest how to fix these issues. It is important to say that AcessURL since […]

Rethinking Ember

It’s been 20 months since I publish my first post about Ember.js. It was suppose to be two part series and I already had the second part ready to go, but I wanted to get more intimate knowledge of Ember before publishing it. it took longer then I thought and the more I learned about […]

Securing Private Piwigo Albums

TL;DR if you just wanna see the code and simple install instructions see the Github repo Update – The original code had a major rewrite to be used as a plugin that will not require any NGINX/Apache special features. Yet it can use advance features like X-Accel-Redirect/X-send-files if available. Though the ideas and methods described […]

Should you use Ember Cli ?

If you are considering using Ember and still comparing it to other frameworks this is not the article for you. Ember has some really strong and positive sides, overall I think Ember is one of the best JavaScript frameworks available today. The way it handles some of the common needs in modern web apps like […]

Changed blog theme

As you can probably see I’m still in the phase of building this blog. Found a nice responsive theme at – And made a few small changes to it. You can get my changes at –