My name is Yoni Yechezkel, but online I’m known more as N0 or Yoni Jah.
I work as a software engineer but I’m also a Marine Scientist (at least according to my B.Sc)
You can see my LinkedIn profile for more info.
This blog is going to be mainly technology related with posts about – Open Source, Bitcoin, Development and Information Security.
But every now and than I might write about some other stuff like Sea lilies if I think its interesting and important.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ricardo says:

    HI Yoni,

    I was using your extension for bitcoin prices but it has a problem now that mtgox is gone.
    the price on the extension icon is the one from mtgox. couldn’t you change the extension to show the big letters price on the charts page?


  2. n0 says:

    Hi Ricardo.
    Please note that you can change the stats to be coming from Bitcon average by right clicking the app icon and going to the options.
    I will probably remove MtGox completely from the app the next time I’ll have an update

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